Sunday, March 17, 2013

Durbin- What a Roach

In Drab Gook-0-Rama

North Korea exposes life in the USA

Ron "I Metsger sister"

Mischief at Verizon

Mischief Maker

Res Ipsa Loquitor

So I was waiting for my number to come up at Verizon Saturday and decided that every smart phone I got a hold of (except one where I had and Misha's kill them all manifesto on it) should show this picture when they came up.


Yeah, but they're serial liars

What the Democrat Party Told Me
by Doug Ross

They told me that allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons would turn our streets into rivers of blood.

They told me that taking trillions of dollars from the successful and giving it to those "who truly needed it" would cure poverty.

Res Ipsa LoquitorThey told me that giving home loans to those who couldn't afford them would make the American dream achievable for all.

They told me that paying into the Social Security "Trust Fund" would guarantee a comfortable retirement for everyone.

They told me that allowing teachers to unionize in public schools would help inner city students reach for the stars.

They told me that the federal government could run a guaranteed, affordable health care program for seniors forever.

They told me that the new employment paradigm consisted of millions of "green jobs".

They told me that their support for immoral and criminal behavior wouldn't result in the breakdown of the two-parent family.

They told me that spending trillions on Stimulus programs would heal a damaged economy.

They told me that ... [HERE]


Designed by geniuses, Run by usurping idiots

Oh My

cuzzin ricky

Flew against Japs at Pearl Harbor

Our Privilege to meet him too Chris.  Even Vicariously.

This man is a friend of the family of my girlfriend. He was one of the few pilots who got into the air to try to repel the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor. He was as sharp of mind as anyone there. He tells some seriously off color jokes too. Funny as heck. It was a huge honor to meet him.




The 24/7 News Cycle  
                                                                                    Trying to fill it is a bitch when you're not allowed to report any democrat negative.