Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Never Mess With a Ladie's Pusse

Oh My

Tommy Lee Smith

>Baseball be berry berry good to me

Baseball be berry berry good to me, but ... (Chico Escuela)
Travel is via luxury motor coach, and in each city, you'll stay at a three- or four-star Marriott Hotel. You'll also have a chance to visit baseball-oriented attractions like the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Buy two vouchers and take Dad for the Father's Day gift of a lifetime. [Full]

That's a scary thought.Travel about the country on a luxury motor coach If my kids were still in grade school,  I might have it in me.  But then they couldn't be shelling out $3500, could they?  As it is,even  flying anywhere is more hassle than I'm willing to endure.  And hey, does Detroit have a Marriott?  With windows?  Your mileage may differ. 

Recess Recess

Oh My

Happy Pearl Harbor Day!


Res Ipsa Loquitor

Ron "I Metzger in St. Louis: sent me this.  I think I used it before, or at least saw it before, but is there a better Memorial Day picture?  I know, I'm a day late, but I'm engaged in some heavy lifting these days, and my  time isn't always my time (just like people who work).  Anyway, we could use more symbolic tribute like this considering some Drudge itemry I saw yesterday.

Happy Pearl Harbor Day Everybody!
The linked Raw Story's headline is  "Conservatives freak out over Lena Dunham’s peculiar Memorial Day tweet."  Interesting categorization wot, that suggests "non conservatives"  could care less, which I feel is certainly the case.  I don't have to say that Lena Dunham is not alone in her generation (Gen Y)  when it comes to being undereducated re: anything that happened before she was born, do I? Good.

And this corollary
Am I still the only person to think ending the universal draft was terrible, even disastrous  policy in the long term? 

And so what if there are no living veterans?  Duh.