Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Time Flys
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On its last legs I fear

Firefox is a total mess today

Have We Failed as Historians?

Today's Commencement Speech
Res Ipsa Loquitor

Over the years, for example, I've met adults - many with university degrees - who thought the Quakers massacred the Indians and stole their land (then I had to explain who the Quakers are); that WWII was fought in 1930; that Henry VIII's divorce was the only cause of the English Reformation and slavery the only cause of the Civil War; that educated Medieval people thought the Earth was flat; that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution was just an idea the naturalist "floated" rather than the result of two decades of research (another said evolution was invented by 17th Century Jesuits); that William Levitt infested potato fields with parasitic worms to force farmers to sell; that anti-Asian racism was why Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Japan (which surely would have been used on Germany had it been ready before May of 1945); that the American colonists in 1776 overwhelmingly were in favor of independence; that American Indian tribes were all pacifistic environmentalists; that Franklin Roosevelt knew about Japanese plans to attack Pearl Harbor weeks before December 7, 1941, etc.

The list goes on and on. I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard a popular Irish-American TV journalist say that Oliver Cromwell "conquered Ireland for the British crown".  
Have We Failed as Historians?  

Or that Bill Clinton was not impeached.  Or that the reason Bill Clinton was impeached was his adulterous behavior.  Or—

Toot your horn, if you can

Oh My
Sometimes tooting your own horn
will save you from going to prison.

Sex video clears men accused of rape

Illinois Carry Law!

Tails of the Gun  

Illinois HB183 is now law!
The legislature have over ridden the ( irrelevant ) governor's veto.

The Concealed carry portion of the law is horrid. Written by the Chicago anti civil rights bunch and full of delays and traps and criminal penalties to Illinois License to Carry holders. In fact, it will be a year before the first license is issued. I'll leave my discussion of that horrid discriminatory part of the bill for later. [Full]

I am a Chicagoan, and always will be.  But for Christ's sake! Where did all this stupid come from?  Not from the kids I grew up with.

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Liz Cheney

Res Ipsa Loquitor

  If I'm honest I don't know much about Enzi, which is beside my  point.  I do know that Liz Cheney is her dad's clone (meaning very bright, principled, and all American).  That aside, the GOP ought stay out of all primary battles.  Period.  No funding, no GOP sponsored touts.   Not just because the GOP have a batting record of about .057 when looking at the performance of their foisted-upon-us  candidates,  but because kids duking it out in the front yard is primal, with the ablest winning.

The Human Brain

Footprints in a pail of water
The Human Brain (Barbara Boxer-stay seated)

Here's more stuff to amaze and astound, not to mention trivialize Gods in their own minds (like Al Gore and ALL Liberals who think their efforts on out behalf (and using our money) will actually leave a footprint. .