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The Lurking E-Verify Monster

Think Government Is Intrusive Now? Wait Until E-Verify Kicks In
There's a monster lurking in proposed immigration reform, one that bureaucrats will find irresistible.

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Next, E-Verify will be attractive as a way to enforce hundreds of other employment laws and regulations. In the age of big data, the government can easily E-Verify age, union
E-Verify is the real monster. If this part of the bill passes, all employers will be forced to use the government-run, Web-based system that checks potential employees' immigration status. That means, every American will have to obtain the federal government's prior approval in order to earn a living.
membership, education, employment history, and whether you've paid income taxes and signed up for health insurance.

The members of licensed occupations will love such low-cost enforcement of their cartels: We can't let unlicensed manicurists prey on unsuspecting customers, can we? E-Verify them! And while the government screens employee applications, they can also check on employers' compliance with all sorts of regulations by looking at the job applications they submit for verification.

For the umpteenth time, does anyone out there see anyway short of  revoltion  whereby we can restore our freedoms, or future promise?  Or, was the Unabomber right, the technical revoution is the death of freedom? 

Art Donovan

RIP Artie Donovan

Traditions Change

Obama is wrong. Traditional journalism isn’t dead.

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  Obama is wrong. Traditional journalism isn’t dead.
By Danny Hayes, Washington Post ,Published: August 4 at 1:45 pm

Poli-Sci Perspective is a weekly Wonkblog feature in which Georgetown University’s Dan Hopkins and George Washington University’s Danny Hayes and John Sides offer an empirical perspective on the issues dominating Washington. In this edition, Hayes looks at President Obama’s assertion that traditional journalism is dead, and finds it wanting. For past posts in the series, head here.

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Correction: This post originally stated that Obama said “traditional journalism is dead” in his interview with Amazon. That was incorrect.

Now that's become traditional...