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Controversial Startup Could Kill Career Of Rising Dem Star...
Right.  Fake Indian, Massive Liar, and Real Moron Elizabeth Warren has firmly set the standard.

  •  Mr. Booker personally has obtained money for the start-up, called Waywire, from influential investors, including Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman.
  • Mr. Booker revealed that his stake in the company was worth $1 million to $5 million. Taken together, his other assets were worth no more than $730,000.
  • That revelation, with just a week left in Mr. Booker’s campaign for the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate, shows how a few tech moguls and entrepreneurs, many of them also campaign donors, not only made a financial bet on the mayor’s political future but also provided the brainpower and financing to help create a company that could make him very rich.
  • Waywire has also provided jobs for associates of Mr. Booker: the son of a top campaign supporter and his social media consultant, who is now on his Senate campaign staff.
Derail his political carreer?  LOL. If he gets the nomination, and he will, say hello to the next crooked US Senator from New Jersey. Fake Indian, Massive Liar, and Real Moron Elizabeth Warren has set the standard for DEMS (In states where they count ballots).

New Jersey's other Senator  Democrat Bob Memnedez has so many ethic investigations going on that Clinton Fatigue seems to set in. The ethics committee  hit Charles Rangel with a 13-count Statement of Alleged Violation after a nearly two-year probe into his finance (Gross Tax Evasion)..  H escaped.jail by giving up his Ways & Means Chair; an option only available to Democrats   Both the LA Times and Nevada newspapers have  exposed   Harry Reid's crime family (literally.  He's still skating. 


The Mormon Boy in Magic Underpants and the
Virgin Beauty Queen Who Gave Blowjobs Who
Kidnapped Him.  And Her Magical Booger.

  Tabloid (2010) is an American documentary film by Errol Morris. It tells the story of Joyce McKinney, a former Miss Wyoming, who in the 70s was accused of kidnapping and raping Kirk Anderson,  an American Mormon missionary. The incident, known as the Mormon sex in chains case, became a major tabloid story in Britain and triggered a circulation battle between two popular newspapers, The Daily Mirror and The Daily Express.

That thumbnail account from Wikipedia doesn't begin to describe the Joyce McKinney story.  Damnedest thing I've ever watched.  In the end I don't blame anybody;  not her Mormon boyfriend, not Joyce, not even the tabloids..  It's just way wacky, and fun.  Way. I watched it on NetFlix.

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