Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Picnic Boat


Kenny Shopsin

   At The Cinema                           


Res Ipsa Loquitor

  When I was younger I was as big as I am now.  Everyday when I went home this lady was sitting on the stoop and said "Fat Fucking Jew Bastard."  Every day, "Fat Fucking Jew Bastard."   I went on a diet and lost a bunch of weight.  One day she says "Fucking Jew Bastard."  I thought wow, she just complimented me!" - Kenny Shopsin

I just felt so comfortable the entire time I was watching this documentary  about a little Greenwich Village. restaurant run by Kenny Shopsin and his family.  Period.  Kenny is a cross between the Soup Nazi and the dude who slips you a fiver when you're down and out.  I loved it and gave it five stars.  There are a ton of stories about Kenny; this is oneI Like Killing Flies is currently streaming on Netflix Instant Watch 

Cleve Fooler

Oh My

As seen

Wages of Democrat Rule

Thank you Barry.  Thank you Nancy.  Thank you Harry. Thank you Democrats. 

UPS to drop 15,000 spouses from insurance, cites Obamacare

United Parcel Service Inc. plans to remove thousands of spouses from its medical plan because they are eligible for coverage elsewhere. The Atlanta-based logistics company points to the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, as a big reason for the decision, repor

Vintage Ford

 A Tommy Lee Mann Act 

Pet Sharks


Arnold Pointer's Pet, "Jaws"

Res Ipsa Loquitor

  Arnold Pointer, a professional fisherman from south of Australia set free from a certain death a big female White Shark that was caught in his fishing nets. Now the fisherman has a problem: He says:

“It’s been 2 years and she doesn’t leave me alone. She follows me everywhere I go and her presence scares all the fishes. I don’t know what to do anymore." It is hard to get rid of an almost 17 feet long shark since the White Sharks are protected by the wildlife conservation, but a mutual affection established between Arnold and “Cindy” [Story and Video]

Amazing!  But with consequences.  PeTA will now demand a memorial plaque for  murdered White Sharks. 


Noam Chomsky and Howard Dean embrace Palin?

Oh My

First Howard Dean and now Noam Chomsky agreeing with Sarah Palin?

Res Ipsa Loquitor

  In an interview with Democracy Now, the influential MIT linguistics professor, author, and prominent left-wing political activist admitted that Sarah Palin was right about Barack Obama in that there was no substance to his presidential campaign. Palin also recently received validation from former Gov. Howard Dean, a prominent liberal Democrat, about what she termed Obamacare death panels, otherwise known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

Have I fallen through thre wormhole, back  into the United States?

Who violent street crime in America?

                                                         Provoking Racial Unrest
Obama's race centered policies come home to roost

Res Ipsa Loquitor
Radio news this morning centers on Baltimore's out of control violent crime. So,  the outraged citizenry are demanding the right to carry, right?  No, not right.  They are demanding a "stop and frisk" law,  similar to NYC's that was just declared unconstitutional. Typical.  Like every single other enclave that's been ruled by one (in particular)  party for 50 years plus, Baltimoron's first instinct is to cede more of their freedoms to government instead of demanding a constitutional right to bear arms and self protection. 

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