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The Syrian Mess

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Make New Globes

Make New Globes

AS THE civil war in Syria has dragged on, the rebels have become more Islamist and extreme.
  • Jabhat al-Nusra (Victory Front) is the biggest worry. Its global jihadist ideology justifies violence to bring about a nation where all Muslims unite.
  •  The Farouq Battalions, whose territorial reach goes from Homs to Hasaka in the north-east, is another mixed bag, ranging from Islamists to people with no particular ideology.
  • The Supreme Military Command, led by General Salim Idriss, a Sunni defector from President Assad’s army, includes some able commanders but still lacks the cash and arms to match either the regime’s forces or Jabhat al-Nusra, which ignores the military command.
  • Ominously, rebels from more secular-minded or more moderately Islamist groups speak openly of a second war to come—against Jabhat al-Nusra. See full article. [Full article]
If you understand who's who in Syria, I tip my hat to you.  This deal has more factions and intrigue than the Spanish civil war.  But here's one thing we can take to the bank.  The United States will never again win any war that Democrats have any part of, and I include congressional  influence.  Look at this mess; why bother?


The Islamic Republic of Iran - a Shiite Muslim regional power - is a staunch ally of the Assad government and has been providing arms, military training and cash. If Assad falls, Iran will be deeply wounded.

After American troops toppled Sunni Saddam Hussein in 2003, Iraq’s Shiite majority became dominant. With this shift came regional alliances with Shiite countries including Iran and Syria.

One theory for why Russia has been so resolute in its backing of Damascus is to ensure continued control of its only Mediterranean naval base, which is in the Syrian port of Tartus.


Saudi Arabia

It is a follower of the strict Wahabi branch of Sunni Islam. In backing anti-Assad forces, Saudi Arabia is challenging its main regional foe, Shiite Iran. Some experts believe the Sunni-Shiite divisions are being exaggerated for political reasons.

United States
Until June, the administration was opposed to providing any lethal assistance to Syria's rebels, but in June it said it was moving ahead with sending weapons to vetted members of the opposition. What are "vetted members?"  Honest Syrian military rebels have been shoved aside by al Qaeda and the Muslim Broterhood.  Can you say "Egypt's Arab Spring?"

Formerly a close friend of Syria, Turkey’s moderate Islamist government has become a supporter of the rebels and supplying them with arms,

Allows American troops to train Syrian rebels on its territory and F-16 jets are positioned there.

Hamas: The Palestinians

Believed to have carried out three bomb strikes this year in Syria targeting Hezbollah weapons caches but refuses to confirm or deny whether it was responsible. Were Israeli bombers flown by Hamas?

Drudge is reporting that Obama's DOD "will only follow the International community" (UN?) into  Syria.  Nope, can't be the UN; Russia would veto.  So,  international community means the US, Code Pink, and a bunch of token bit players from France.  The answer to this mess is of course to take out Iran, and enjoy the peace.

The tree falling with nobody to hear it option
The other thing to do is simply never again acknowledge that there is a Middle East.  Replace maps and globes with Ocean.  Nobody will ever know, or care. We have as much oil in the ground as they do, so screw'em.

Horowitz Has It All

What's the Worry; What's the Fuss
Horowitz's Laid it Out For You US

Res Ipsa Loquitor
* Barack The Beloved
* Obama's Socialist Roots And Worldview
* Living Like Royalty, Perpetually Fundraising
* Deriding America On The World Stage (“Apology Tour”)
* Obama And Israel
* Obama The Divider
* Dividing Americans By Class
* Dividing Americans By Race & Ethnicity
* Dividing Americans By Gender
* Key Obama Appointees: Reflecting the President's Radicalism
* The Dreadful Economy
* Obama And Taxes
* Obama And Health Care
* Obama And Energy / Environment
* Obama And Homeland Security / War On Terror
* Killing Osama Bin Laden
* Obama And The Military
* Obama And Immigration
* Obama And Welfare Policy
* Obama And The Constitution / Supreme Court
* Obama And Abortion
* Obama And Education
* Obama and Gun Rights
* Obama And ACORN: A Corrupt, Unholy Alliance
* Obama And The Policies That Led To The Housing And Economic Crisis
* The “Fast & Furious” Gun Scandal
* Obama And Iran
* Obama And Egypt
* Obama And Libya (Including The September 11, 2012 Terror Attack)
* Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood
* Obama and Jihad: Appeasement & Denial
I am famously reticent to make outrageous claims, or sling bombastic superlatives around; but let me here make an exception. 

Of all the trillions of words writ about (along with the Bill Clintons)  the greatest specter of evil in all American history
Barry Obama Soetoronone are so well researched, faultless,  and complete as those found in  David Horowitz's Discover the Networks..

Horowitz needs no introduction here.  Never in the history of the internet have any of his articles contained even one statement that is found to be nonfactual.  I am not making that up. So faultless and revealing are his disclosures that one in tempted to give him
Star Chamber  powers to clean this nation of it's cancer.

Here is an example of what you'll find in his

Is Barack Obama a socialist? Many observers, from points all along the ideological spectrum, have been exceedingly reticent to describe him as such, as though there were insufficient evidence to make the case for a charge so impolite.

  • In February 2012, a Business Week headline stated bluntly that “it’s dumb to call Obama a socialist.”
  • In June 2012, the Associated Press published an article depicting the president merely as “a pragmatist within the Democratic Party mainstream,” and suggesting that “the persistent claim that Obama is a socialist lacks credence.”
  • In July 2012, a New York Times op-ed piece by film director Milos Forman said that Obama is “not even close” to being a socialist.
  • Ezra Klein of the Washington Post casts Obama as no more radical than “a moderate Republican of the early 1990s.”
  • Leftist commentator Alan Colmes impugns those who “mischaracterize what Obama is doing as socialism, when there’s no government takeover” of the private sector.
  • And Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly—noting that he has seen “no evidence that the president wants to seize private property, which is what communists do”—concludes that Obama “is not a socialist, he’s not a communist, he’s a social-justice anti-capitalist.”
Now that congress seem to have finally decided that this man has crossed the threshold for impeachment, there is no need to hold endless hearings on the matter.  Impeachment managers need only enter "ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW" into evidence, and get on with the vote. 

You're welcome.