Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Karen Finney Drowning

Where do MSNBC find these people?

Res Ipsa Loquitor

This is just TOO precious.  I just commented about the Democrat Party's long association with the Communist party, and look what pops up. HUGH HEWITT interviews Karen Finney, long time voice of the Democratic National Committee, now the host of a weekend show on MSNBC, 

 HH: Karen, welcome, good to have you on, thank you for coming. Now I caught some of your show this weekend. I want to play the intro to your segment about Ted Cruz.

 FINNEY AUDIO: In case you haven’t heard, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a man on a mission. He wants to take away your health care, even if that means bringing down our government, or a war within the GOP. But Cruz’ rhetoric isn’t just detrimental to his party. It’s contributing to a broader environment of paranoia that could have very real consequences for our democracy. The fear stoking is reminiscent of another Senator, a man from Wisconsin on his own mission. He also wanted to take his country back. Then, it was from the Communists who had supposedly infiltrated it. His name, of course? Joe McCarthy. And while Cruz’ mission this time around might be different, the rhetoric sounds eerily the same.

 HH: Now Karen Finney, a couple of questions.

 KF: Sure.

 HH: Number one, when you said about Joe McCarthy he wanted to take it back from the Communists who had supposedly infiltrated, did any Communists infiltrate the United States government?

 KF: Well, I think if we go back to the McCarthy hearings, it’s pretty clear that he A) created, you know, a culture of paranoia and fear that people later recognized was, you know, people sort of bought into it, and then recognized that it was absolutely misplace. I mean, that’s the point.

 HH: But Karen, did any Communists infiltrate our government?

 KF: Please, go ahead and name them.

 HH: Well, can you name them? I’m trying to figure out if you know if any of them did?

 KF: Here’s the point. No, there weren’t Communists who infiltrated our government. I mean, that’s like Michele Bachmann accusing my friend, Huma Abedin, of actually being Muslim Brotherhood, because…

HH: No, actually, it’s not.

 KF: …she may have known somebody ..... .

Here's the transcript; it's a fast read, and a hoot.  (Finney gets so twisted up in her panties that she doesn't know if she's talking or farting)  Or, here's the full audio

Finney's too young to have witnessed the history, but so what?  It's why she went to school, right? What?  You say that, in 2001 New York University launched a Web site dedicated to the proposition that the late Alger Hiss was innocent. The Venona Files be damned!  Oh my.  I'm not even sure that Nation Magazine have ever conceded.  This insistence that they are never wrong is the hallmark of Liberalism, and now, the Democrat Party.

Scott Brown, Chris Christie, Charlie Crist, Olympia ...

A Monkey Raised by Wolves Will Think It's a Wolf

Res Ipsa Loquitor

  Friday night last, former Senator Brown, now a Fox Contributor, filled in for Bill O’Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor. The Senator opened with the trademark O’Reilly “Talking Points Memo” delivered Scott Brown-style. Asked Mr. Brown: “Would President Reagan be called a ‘RINO” — a ‘Republican in Name Only’?”

Brown answered his own question by citing "conservative disfavor with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

It's how they think in their cloistered little environment; one where a kind word by the New York Times is seen as celebration of open-mindedness, and willingness to compromise.  *monkey sound*


UN Office for Disarmament Affairs

Tails of the Gun  

"Disarmament Commission -- Civilian Weapons Confiscation Study Group."

Res Ipsa Loquitor

United Nations document shared on social media says civilian gun confiscation is in the works for United States
  1. A reader sent us this document, which appears to be from the United Nations. But is it legit? [Lunatic Outpost]
  2. When we checked with the United Nations, a spokesman (Farhan Haq, associate spokesperson for the Secretary-General)  declared it a fake, with this explanation.[Ibid]
The reason I checked it out was not because I thought it too outlandish to be true, but because I am leary of text documents sent .jpg.  However—
  •  There is a UN Office for Disarmament Affairs.
  • In June the imperious  John Kerry said  "US will sign UN treaty on arms regulation despite lawmaker opposition."
  • On July 27 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States of America is expected to sign
Res Ipsa Loquitor
Even if the "Civilian Study Group" missile is a fake, the threat that the UN, with Obamunist support, if not urging, are willing to enter into a confiscation agreement is manifestly real.  And may I remind you of your  solemn oath:

Fully 70% agreed  to treat any blue helmet on US soil , acting in any capacity  whatever that assumed dominion over any US citizen, be summarily treated like Nazis landed by submarine on U.S, shores. Ahem.
    On July 27 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, acting on behalf of the United States of America is expected to sign - See more at:

Aside: I have suspected before that phony documents (Obama Birth)  have been passed into a public debate for the purpose of being used as an umbrella example of how an entire premise is contrived by  crazy [birthers] right wing nuts.  Just sayin'.