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Where I Make Risotto

I have never eaten Risotto.  Alton Brown (whose recipe I used (without the asparagus or mushrooms) isn't the only chef who treats this rice dish  like it's the quintessential mark of a decent chef.  In almost every episode of Gordon Ramsey (Is Everything on Kitchen Nightmares Totally Fake?) it seems that Gordon gags over the "worse fkng risotto I've ever had."  Or his risotto will be part of the "new launch menu." 

I know it's supposed to be creamy, but I'm not the rice eater in the family, Mo Sup is.  Her favorite is rice mush (rice properly cooked in chicken broth with onions and celery). 

This is how my stove looked.  I'm only showing you the neat part.  That's the leftover risotto   MoSup liked it.  A lot.  But not as much as rice mush.  So, this labor intensive dish is off my list, although I must say it was pretty damned good.. Creamy, but not mushy.

I wound up using 8 cups of chicken broth, and 1½ cups of wine— the recipe called for 6 cups and 1 cup—with the two cups of arboreal rice.  Don't know why it took so much liquid, but it was ready in the promised 40 minutes,

This is a steel mesh glove.  I bought a pair of them after the second time I damned near sliced a finger off using the mandolin

I also have the push device to run stuff through the slicer.

But I'm evidently too stupid to put them on.  

Heres Alton.

TECHNO CHILLS                      

sometime after Wed, you may want to visit

IT can be disconcerting to learn what, not to mention how much, marketers know about us. Consider a consumer like Scott E. Howe.

Res Ipsa LoquitorVisitors who log in may be surprised at the volume of information that may be available and the detailed picture it can give of their personal lives. The household interest section, for instance, listed Mr. Howe as interested in health and medical issues (he subscribes to health industry trade journals and founded a site called; crafts (he periodically works with stained glass); woodworking (he paid for his undergraduate education at Princeton in part by working as an apprentice carpenter); tennis (he was on his high school team); gardening (his wife subscribes to Fine Gardening magazine); and “religious/inspirational.”

Where is Ted Kaczynski when you really need him?

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