Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beauty School Dropout

Musical Interlude

Keep Pumping Fat Ass

Oh My

Peanut butter and raisins

Oh My
A young man contemplates a dinner past

Two Boners

Two Good Boners

As seen

Peanuts is a racist

Oh My


Kate Smith? Yes!


In real time
I (here) ran across a full broadcast of Kate Smith's television show from December 28, 1955.  Kate Smith?  Yup.  My (and cuzzin ricky's) Granny Lyndeaux had run of the television during weekdays, and every afternoon she watched  Liberace (with brother George),  and  then Kate Smith.  She would actually tear up when Kate sang White Cliff's of Dover, which until now my memory thunked was Kate's theme song.  

Granny was a British ex-patriot who used words like shan't and ate with the fork in her left hand. 

Anyway,  it's quite likely that I actually watched this program with her.  All those memories flooding back because of one TV show I would never
watch in a million years  today, nor would any kid,  even if granny wanted too.  Selfish little bastids.