Tuesday, October 22, 2013


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KentuckyFried Movie lives on-  in MOVIE 43.  Although rottonyomatoes gave KFM 4 stars, and this just one star.  It is the biggest waste of an all-star cast ever, but this Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet Blind Date segment is pretty good.  And I did watch to the very end. And I am telling you about it.  So there's that.

Forced Perspective

These Are Not Real Cars,
Just a Mind-Bending Optical Illusion

Professional model maker and photographer Michael Paul Smith spent the last 25 years making miniature vehicles and photographing them, set in a fictional 1950s American town called Elgin Park. His models are so detailed that when placed in miniature dioramas and photographed using forced perspective, you'll think that they are real vehicles. Continue

But Wait - More examples of forced perspective!


Liberals discover the real ObamaCare

 Liberals finally discover the real ObamaCare

Marketa Winfield: “I have been a long-time Obama supporter, but it seems that that the only people who will be able to afford this are those who don’t need it. There is something wrong here, folks.”

Carole Pratt Ri DeCarlo: “I have had my own private policy that I will not be able to afford to keep once the rates triple per the letter I received from Humana. I’m not eligible for ‘affordable’ coverage on the exchange, don’t qualify for subsidy. I am living, documented proof this is system will not work for me. No propaganda here.”

Patti Gray: “So, these ‘free’ mammograms are costing me triple the premium costs, plus a HUGE new deductible and co-pay. Thanks Obamacare!!!”

Cheryll Quail Feather Hart: “Where the heck is the AFFORDABLE part of this???? $17, 000.00 per YEAR to insure my family of 4???? And no help from subsidies because my work offers ME and, yes, only ME, coverage????”

Jenn Tate: “Payments are more than we can afford. Sorry, my family needs to eat and keep a roof over our heads all year, not just at tax refund time.”

Crystal Riggle Deans: “So, I have a family of five and we live 83 percent below the poverty line. We will be charged over $1,000 per month for insurance, and we are looking at $12,700 in out-of-pocket expenses, NOT including premiums. Hahaha, I haven’t even paid my rent this month because we couldn’t afford it. We have no car payments, no cable, no cell phones. We are not on welfare or food stamps.”

Irene Waldron: “My daughter must pay $1,272 a year for an Obamcare policy with a $5,000-a-year deductible plan, or be hounded by the IRS to pay the penalty. She does not have an extra $200 a year, let alone $1,272. What an incredible scam. Obama lied.

Lynn Watson: “I just got a call from a friend in Texas. She is single and 62 years old. The plan she got information on will cost her $450.00 a month with $6,000.00 deductible. This is the silver plan. You call this the affordable health care bill.”

Sha Sha Corbley: “Sticker shock is a huge understatement. We currently pay $1,158 PER MONTH for a personal policy. Closest choice to what we have now but not as good being offered in 2014, will cost us $1,937 PER MONTH, and we don’t qualify for any subsidy.”

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Yes! We want more Hitler!

Police State Culture    


Political prankster Mark Dice asks San Diego beach-goers if they'll sign a petition supporting "the Police State" which includes "Orwellian" and "Nazi-Style" tactics to "keep Americans safe" in this "Brave New World."

That must have bombed.  I mean, not even Californians are that ignorant.  What?  Oh my.

Obama Calls Verizon, Forgets PW

Oh My

Obamacare Segregated

Liberal Racism                          

Obamacare seeks to segregate patients, doctors by race

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor under Obamacare — if you both belong to the same race.

Obamacare’s spectacular flop of a rollout distracts from its crude calculus that encourages the allocation of healthcare resources along racial lines and a doctor-patient system splintered into ethnicities. [Full]