Thursday, October 24, 2013

For sale - Blockbuster stock. Cheap.


Strange things

   Did you know ..

Em craws is good, but takes too long to get a stomach full.  You know how Lousianans steam blue crabs?  They boil them.   Boil.  That just ain't right.

How massively stupid are their voters?

10,000 Words
About the people who keep these two in office

“The only people who feel there shouldn’t be more coming in to the federal government from the rich people are the Republicans in the Congress. Everybody else, including the rich people, are willing to pay more. They want to pay more.”
Senate majority leader Harry Reid


Fix the -- fix the technology, and let’s not get too bogged down in what happens if they’re not able to fix it. Because, as I say, I believe in technology.”  House Speaker "wannabe"  Pelosi


Oh My
Hoes in the Outfield

I've had two people e-mail that my site's been down for two days.  It would be useless to ask if you also ...  so let's do this.

Are you using IE?
... using Firefox? 
... using Chrome? 


UPDATE - Need an Internet Explorer