Sunday, November 03, 2013

Restoring Faith

Oh My

peep show junky

   At The Cinema                           

peep show

I feel like I'm pushing drugs in the schoolyard, but dammit—I watched 12  episodes in a row last night.   I cannot stop watching.  Pray for me.
Oh My

Similarly, I discovered that my daughter's First Communion video (with the only video of my grandma, who attended) was over recorded with The Brady Bunch.

Moving, but an indulgence too far?

His name is Chad Weikel. He is Ian’s younger brother. This photo was captured as part of a news story about Section 60 at Arlington National Cemetery by the LA Times, I believe. Ian’s death was rough on him. He later decided to avenge his brother’s death and enlist but a car accident ended that path. His marriage ended, too. [more]   [Arlington cemetary bio]

Ian sacrificed his life, Chad, unfortunately, his wife.