Wednesday, November 06, 2013

It's the GOP!

The RNC Want Partial Credit for Chris Christie's Re-Election
Don't want Obama getting all the credit? WTF?
 The win for the GOP in New Jersey will likely be in contrast to the expected results of a handful of other big races this Tuesday, including the New York City Mayor's race, and the Virginia governor's race.

That could be, in part, why the national RNC quickly made sure to mention its support for Christie's campaign in a congratulatory statement from chairman Reince Priebus

The GOP smack heads!  A bigger tent; appealling to women and minorities!  It's magic, I tells ya; magic.

Excuse me while I stab myself in the liver.

The FORMULA nails Cuccinelli

Our past and present future

Discourage opponent's base with
poll results showing  futility of trying to stop Democrat candidate.
Obama Campaign Bundler Helping Fund Libertarian in Tight Va. Gubernatorial Race

An old, effective, and legal trick;
Find a ringer that appeals to the fringes of opponent's base and split the vote.  but one requiring huge sums of money not usually available to 3rd party candidates. (Where was the communist/Muslim candidate?)
Virginia’s attorney general, was pilloried in a Democratic campaign commercial for a remark he made criticizing a D.C. law on pest control, which he claimed prevented the killing of rats.

Create a "Macaca" controversy.
Take opponent statement out of context and use it to show  disrespect, or slander to key ethnic groups.

Only effective if local media play along, thus making it a Democrat-only tool.

Overall Results

99.8% Reporting

Candidate Party % of Vote Vote Count
Winner T. McAuliffe Dem 48.0%
K. Cuccinelli GOP 45.5%
R. Sarvis Lib 6.6%