Saturday, November 09, 2013

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The Hateful and Divisive Mr. 'O'

Why, It's Mister "IN YO FACE MOFOs"
Destroying America's culture and dividing the nation since 2008


Samantha Power Fonda

On Wednesday, Samantha Power [Remember her?], the new US ambassador to the UN, decided she had license to insult Vietnam veterans by claiming it was a “huge honor” just to share the stage with Jane Fonda. Power was speaking at the United Nations Association of the USA 2013 Global Leadership Awards in New York school, was honored.

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Pentagon Manual Says White Males Have Unfair Advantage

Political Correctness: A healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian man has unfair advantages in the U.S. military over other soldiers, says a training manual approved by the Pentagon, warning in great detail about a so-called White Male Club.

Packing the courts II

The Obamissariat


At a fundraiser, Obama makes a chilling admission about the courts

Yep, at a fundraiser in Texas last night, President Obama said his administration is “remaking the courts.”

Here’s the full quote for context via a transcript:

We were able to reform our financial system so that the likelihood of taxpayer-funded bailouts is a lot less than it was. We were able to expand funding for young people going to college. We were able to expand national service for young people who want to serve. We fought long and hard for consumer protections that weren’t there before. [Full]

Results- Obama isdefinitely a socuoipath ...

The Obamissariat

Sociopath or Psychopath?
Obama Rewrites Rule To Let Unions Avoid ObamaCare Tax

While millions of Americans deal with the fallout of ObamaCare in the form of increased premiums prices and cancellations, the New York Post reports that President Obama has already moved to protect his Big Labor allies from paying their "fair share." After publicly refusing to do so, the Administration has quietly "sneaked in a rule that would let some labor unions off the hook for an ObamaCare tax."
  1. How to Determine if Someone Is a Sociopath (Also known as Clinton's Disease)
  2. Do You Know a Psychopath?  Your score is 67%. The person shows deceptive characteristics and shares some commonality with psychopaths

The psychopath quiz requires personal knowledge of the suspect, so I had to guess at certain answers about Barry. Still. there is something obviously screwed up in this guy's head. 
" WASHINGTON -- President Clinton, in two recent little-noticed speeches, has said the 1993 tax increases he proposed and shepherded through Congress were too high. But in an interpretation that left congressional leaders in both parties flabbergasted, Mr. Clinton blamed Republicans for it. "

Remember when Clinton, after having bribed, cajoled, or pleaded with congressional Democrats to pass his retroactive tax increase "to save my presidency,"  later blithely blamed Republicans?  The almost identical script that Obama used with Obamacare.

Clinton was probably shocked that his words, from a private fund raiser, were reported in those pre-interweb days (no American reporter mentioned it until a foreign correspondent in attendance published it-Ahem).  But Obama?   Claiming that he never made promises about keeping your health insurance, or physician under his plan?  When he had to (or should have) know that within seconds twenty videos would  be posted showing the lie?  Only a sociopath would attempt something that brazen, believing that the lies had become unassailable truths.

The differences between Clinton and Obama, as I see them, are that Clinton's goal was being in the spotlight, having power, and getting laid.  His political agenda was largely imposed by Hillary.  Obama, on the other hand,  does, I think, see himself in a messianic role, with a goal to destroy the United States as he found it; a goal he freely discussed prior to his imposition. So, while he is able, like the sociopath, to compartmentalization and reissue his lies as believed truths, he also shows signs of further  psychotic disorder.   I do believe that he would score in the same percentile with people like Hitler, Lenin and Stalin in either test.  Lying monsters, all. Be afraid of this man.