Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tounge in cheek

Two Things
How did she get that way?
It was the boy next door
He laid her on the floor
And then to her surprise
She saw her belly rise

I found myself singing that schoolboy ditty just now while getting some coffee.  To the best of my knowledge, I haven't thought of that deal since Boy Scout Camp in '44.  WTF?  I think this has something to do with "M Theory."

Here's something else I don't get.


At least once a week I see a picture of a girl with a massively long tongue, posted by guys who caption it something like "my new girlfriend," or "every man's dream."   Huh?  I can see how a lesbian would appreciate that "package;" or a girl over a man with that tongue; but men?  I'd be afraid that she might get  carried away and block my wind pipe.  I mean, there's no finding a Heimlich maneuver in the back seat of a car.  At least the roll-over girl has gone to the trouble of training hers.  The mind boggles  there.  *shudder*

Kids who vote Democrat

As Long As You're Happy. Cough. Wheeze

We'll be dead soon, sigh. But as long as you're happy

"Through Work There is Joy; Click Click" - MAO

American business has become a gray area. As in hair color.

Call it the new American nightmare: Running out of money in retirement is scaring the hell out of record numbers of older workers, forcing them to stay in the workforce.

Now 80 is the new 60 when it comes to retirement. Many older workers who finally clock out have sharply underestimated their financial needs in retirement, raising the specter of personal financial disaster.
“Most clients are about to turn 60 or right after it, preparing for retirement, and their concern [is]: Are they going to have enough money to live through retirement?” said Jeff Speight, a financial planner and manager at Tanglewood Wealth Management. “Their main problem is, they don’t understand what to do.” [Full]

Let it be known, and remembered:
Paul Ryan Booed At AARP For Attacking 'Obamacare'

Spying on Merkel

Oh My
He has been spying on Angela Merkel

Colbert, behind the lines without a uniform

Democrat Media Monkeys

 Told You!

The Colbert Report
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Steven Colbert  is a more wickedly smart  media provocateur than even Jon Stewart.  He's funnier than Stewart, and his identity here is  one of an outwardly independent observer with a conservative bent; but don't be fooled.  

During last night's show he acknowledges the obvious (Obama and Obamacare are dismal failures),  and then uses it to discredit us who may properly proclaim: "Hey you stupid Liberal morons, if you would judge us by the content of our argument, and not by the color of our avatar, you wouldn't find yourself  strumming your tiny chubbies in public so often "

Run Around Sue

There's a page on YouTube that feature archival footage of 60's rock stars performing.  I usually access it with the key word "dion," who was my  generation's - well, what's his name, Kanye West, except not a public asshole. It was here that I ran across this bio interview with Dion DiMucci (warning: it is framed in his journey of finding himself through religion.)