Thursday, November 21, 2013

Air Tech

TECHNO THRILLS                      


Neat, from Tommy Lee Smith.  I've posted several of these things in the past, and am now jaded, and somewhat bitter.  Some years ago I was moved to  invent the drone  by suggesting that these RC aircraft be equipped with a cockpit cam, rockets, and MGs, so school kids could patrol the US border at home, after school, and  napalm illegals.  It seems the military took that idea and called it a "drone."   Never made me an Admiral, nor pay me the  appropriate $5 mil (or even a farthing) for the concept.  

Anyway, while we're on the subject, this is some fun.

“In what only can be described as a scene out of Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun,” Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, Air Force chief of staff, describes how F-22 stealth jets scared off Iranian jets from a U.S. drone flying in international airspace.

The Aviationist reports that in March a U.S. MQ-1 drone came close to being intercepted by an Iranian F-4 Phantom combat plane, but the Iranian aircraft stopped short after a warning by an American pilot.

“He [the Raptor pilot] flew under their aircraft [the F-4s] to check out their weapons load without them knowing that he was there, and then pulled up on their left wing and then called them and said ‘you really ought to go home,’” Gen. Welsh said.

According to The Aviationist, the Iranians came within 16 miles of the drone.No word yet on whether Obama has fired all involved. [Full]

Also, this first clip, I think, fits into this mix.


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FIttness is Good


Queue Y-M-C-A

Me and the MoSup celebrated our wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, and gave each other a membership in a health club.  Best thing ever.  That's why my morning posts are generally down. 

I discovered that mornings are when, after dropping their kids off at school, or after hubby goes to work, the more
ermdedicated health enthusiasts show up. It's just wonderful seeing young people keeping  themselves fit.

I begin with the treadmill; all have a video screen with basic cable.  In the morning, I don't watch it  anymore.  It's just a joy watchimg my surrounding; the place is like a disco.   In the afternoon,  matrons, geezers, and fatties pretty much occupy the place; ESPN is then a great watch. 
(MoSup likes the recumbent cycle, and listens to the rosary and some other stuff.)

That Jacob's ladder is directly in front of the rest bench I occupy after the treadmill, before moving on to a circuit of 12 torture device machines. Sometimes I have to cool off for many minutes before I move on, 
because it's not all that popular.  Sometimes nobody uses it, alas.

I love this place.  Oh, the reason my posts are down in the afternoon is because I'm napping.

Safest Town in America

Sampson, NC
By their Crime Beat ye shall know them

Well, except for the other.  But still?