Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I so scared but now not

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Oh My

Is everyone on the same page? Of course.

Democrat Media Monkeys

It's why the Brits call them "news readers."

Limbaugh's done the same time on many occasions, where every network news reader is pushing the same Democrat agitprop.


Whose Kidding Whom?


From everything I know to be true about Obama;  and taking into account  this and that from Obama sycophants,  I have modeled here what I think the Obama  private Christ - Holiday festivities entail.  The holiday creche on the rollover.  I think you'll agree that this comes a whole lot closer to reality than the crap his publicists feed us.

White House Holiday Decor 2013

E-Book help


MoSup is retiring in January, and I'd like to get her a e-reader.  I want the most inexpensive reader that is fully functional, (I noted that the Barnes and Noble Nook 7" 8 GB Wi-Fi Grey E-Reader does not have a back button!).  And,  I want to download free e-pub books, or library e-books.   Will the basic Kindle allow non Kindle books now?  This is only for reading e-books, and not for use as a tablet, so apps are not an issue.  Looking for what to buy, and not what you may have that sucks, but will appreciate the help. 

PS- If she thinks I spent too much money on it, she'll harbor a deep resentment and put sand on my side of the bed.


Very very bad people

Res Ipsa Loquitor


Dear Rodger,

Let's not beat around the bush. We're writing this letter to encourage you to make a donation to United for Peace and Justice, a generous donation.
There is something else, something less tangible, that UFPJ has provided. The work of previous years laid the foundation for more recent important efforts. For instance, a few months ago the U.S. was poised to take military action in Syria, action that could have easily escalated into regional warfare with the U.S. in the middle of it all. But the quick action of the peace movement (and others) helped make visible the widespread public opposition to such action. There are at least two things that made it possible to move quickly and effectively:

          1. in no small measure, our collective work against the war in Iraq had taught us valuable lessons about how to pressure Washington, and

          2.  a set of relationships between organizations had been built by working together in the UFPJ coalition and we could skip the getting-to-know-one-another phase of movement work.

(Received e-mail)

Boned Jello
UFPJ was officially created on October 25, 2002 in the Washington, DC offices of People For the American Way. Its initial membership consisted of approximately 70 organizations.
Prior to UFPJ's founding, the anti-war movement had earned a reputation as a hodgepodge of radical elements. All the large-scale peace demonstrations to that point had been held under the auspices of International ANSWER, an organization aligned with Global Exchange, headed by the longtime pro-Castro communist (CodePink)Medea Benjamin; Not In Our Name, a project organized by Ramsey Clark and fellow leaders of the Revolutionary Communist Party; and the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party. United
For Peace and Justice was created explicitly to put a milder face on the anti-war movement, although from its inception UFPJ shared with the aforementioned groups a passionate hatred for the United States and for capitalism. The Co-Chair and principal leader of UFPJ is Leslie Cagan, an original founder of the Committees of Correspondence (a remnant organization created by the American Communist Party upon going out of business) and a strong supporter of Fidel Castro since the 1960s; Cagan proudly aligns her politics with those of Communist Cuba.[Full]

Why am I doing this?  Again?  Is it to alleviate outrage I'm feelingthat people who advocate the overthrow of our (erstwhile?) way of life can publicly  beg support, as though, somehow, the effect of all their efforts were  salutary? 

Not that I have the influence of even a gnat on the national debate, but most everyone here feels the same.  Those who don't are pretty much beyond undestanding who we were, and why we were so successful.  Still, when I'm in charge, these people will no longer be heard from (in the best possible way of course). 


Cosmic Word Associations

It came naturally, and amuses me no end.