Friday, December 20, 2013

Waiting For Santa

Michelle Obama- Douche of the Year

Michelle Obama- Douche of the Year
Awarded to Michelle Obama  for urging women to

" make it a Christmas treat around the table to talk about a little health care. You know, ring in the new year with a -- new coverage."

What a douche.

Catherine Tate

   At The Cinema                           

Catherine Tate Show

In her award-winning BBC sketch comedy show, acid-tongued British comedienne Catherine Tate's famous characters are on parade, including eyebrow-raising granny Joannie "Nan" Taylor, lazy youngster Lauren Cooper and more.

I just discovered Catherine Tate and have been in immersion.  As talented as Tracy Ullman, IMO;  a nice lighthearted break from Obamaland.  I watch on Netflix (COMMENTS BELOW) , but YouTube offers several clips. 

Brilliant. If you arent absolutely in love with this show by the second episode, you probably never will be. She is pure comic genius. 99 out of 99 members found this review helpful

I love this show! Catherine Tate is hilarious! Please please please put it back on instant watch!

29 out of 29 members found this review helpful This show is awesome. Pulling it off instant is the perfect example of Netflix dropping the ball. Happens all too often.

This show is SO good I recommend finding the seasons and BUYING them. Dont waste your time waiting for them in the mail. You'll probably end up wanting to own them any way. more

*It's back on Instant Watch

St Augustine Agonistes

La la la la la .....

"Always take the easy way" - Some Guy

Some years ago I confessed here that my attempts to read St. Augustine's "Confessions," were summed up by the margin notes in my text book (facsimile above).  I bought the Great Books of Western Civilization (ranked number one civilization in the world)  series many moons ago, and have been working my way through them for 40+ years.  Confessions is not the first, nor only work which greatness exceeds my ken (Ptolemy, Copernicus and Kepler evidently require an understanding of Algebra) , but dammit, St. Augustine?

A few days ago I was looking for something else and landed on the "Spark Notes" page.  I got through high school using Cliff Notes;  and Classic Comics; Spark appears to be the same; difference being that Spark is free on line.  So, in a matter of a few hours I am able to pass Augustine's Confessions (Spoiler: he fornicated a lot  and stole pears)  You're welcome. (Srsly, it was worth the journey, now I can read the book- if I want).

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