Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Summoning Evil

Hitler's Mustache               

Internal Memo Reveals Obama Is Deadly Serious About Launching Dictatorship In 2014

Excerpted from The Washington Post: An internal White House assessment concludes that President Obama must distance himself from a recalcitrant Congress after being badly damaged last year by legislative failures, a government shutdown and his own missteps.
.... regular meetings in the West Wing to begin charting out how Obama should use his pen and phone in the coming year. Podesta said executive actions will include work to execute the Climate Action Plan, a government-wide blueprint announced last year for addressing global warming.

Obama has said that his fraught relationship with Congress, especially after Republicans won the House in 2010, complicated his ability to promote his agenda. But for the first time, following what many allies view as a lost year, the White House is reorganizing itself to support a more executive-focused presidency and inviting the rest of the government to help.

Somewhere in the political background is fear that stopping this monster might create civil unrest.


Anonymous said...

Civil unrest. It will not end well for them. Civility and restraint on the part of most citizens might be mistaken for weakness. That would be a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Civil unrest? does that mean we can break out the guillotine now?


DougM said...

Civil unrest is not a flaw,
it is a feature.
Also, conspiring to overthrow the Constitution is treason.

iri said...

"stopping this monster might create civil unrest."

Uncivil unrest you mean. Not a problem anyway. Just make it clear that when they burn their neighborhood this time the money to fix it will come out of that zip code's welfare funds.

Anonymous said...

Hey you remember that Eyetalian dictater that all the U.S. Yankees just loved in the thirties? Remember what happened to them and the end of the run? History repeats, but it sure takes it's sweet ole time. -not this guy.

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