Sunday, February 16, 2014

Four Things

of varying consequence



Anonymous said...

Throw away bacon grease? Good Lord man, Are you nuts? It's the best cure for rain rot on your horse.

In the arms race, the armored skivvies can be defeated.

Seen elsewhere:

ignore amos

Revernd Idaho Spud said...

The dogs love a couple tablespoons on their dry food. It makes the best fried eggs of any comparable oil. In the old days it was just called lard.It can also be used to waterproof leather items like boots however wolves have an insatiable urge to track the source. Replace butter with bacon grease. Pop popcorn in bacon grease. Cook chard or spinach in bacon grease. Use as a base in soups. Fry rice in bacon grease or in Chinese Fly Lice. Sautee cabbage, bake cornbread or make pancakes in bacon grease. Only an idiot would throw it away.

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