Monday, March 03, 2014

Big Cheese, Stilton Jarlsberg, is at it again

Once again, America's chicken has come home to roost. Barack Obama's utterly spineless response to Russian military action in Ukraine has pretty much signaled to the world that the United States is officially no longer a meaningful player in foreign affairs and no advocate for freedom or democracy.

The president's appalling lack of seriousness was on full display when, less than a half hour after tersely declaring that Russian intervention in Ukraine could force the United States to "stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs, including shipping, handling, and sales tax," he rushed to a Democratic fundraiser, declared it to be "Happy Hour," and then swapped jokes with a high-roller about the possibility of nuclear war with Russia.

Then on Saturday, as a freshly-emboldened Russia rolled additional troops into Ukraine, the president's national security team met to discuss the rapidly evolving crisis and, upon finishing their deliberations, noticed that there was one Krispy Kreme doughnut left over because Barry hadn't bothered to attend the meeting. Although, according to a White House spokesperson, the president was later filled in by Susan Rice, who suggested that the president launch a drone attack on YouTube as soon as possible.

Vladimir Putin has correctly assessed that there is no threat whatsoever from the president whose "red line" became a punchline. Barack Obama has turned our once-respected national strength into an international joke.

And it's only the enemies of freedom who are laughing.



Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin gave Putin the idea in 2008.

Annoying Mike said...

^to Anonymous at 1128:

I'm assuming you meant that to be a witty comment. I certainly got a snicker out of it, on the assumption that you were imitating a typical obamunist supporter.

But on the off-hand chance you are a prog troll, low-information voter, or Harry Reid, my other comment is: "you're an idiot."

Helly said...

Say what you will about the Russians — they always helpfully remind us when we elect a retard president.

OregonGuy said...

When you don't revere freedom, independence and liberty, it's kind of hard to assert those values on the international stage.


Jess said...

The Obama Administration went to a battle of wits unarmed.

Fred Z said...

Just so we're clear dudes, up here in Alberta the boys are having a few Molsons and having a hard look at seizing Washington state and British Columbia. Both places are like Obama - useless peacenik pot addled Kenyans.

We're having serious discussions with some of the hardcases in Montana and Northern Idaho about a joint operation. Your pot addled Kenyan in Chief won't let us build our XL pipeline, our own pot addled Kenyans in BC likewise, so we thought we'd take them both over, a la Putin, our hero, and do a deal with China.

And who's gonna stop us? Eh? Eh?

iri said...

We'll send the cross dressing Army guys Fred. I think they can take care of the Canadians and those hard cases you're talking about will just fall in love.

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