Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Hypnotist

What day is it?  Horry Clap.  It seems cuzzin rickey hypnotized me against my wishes!


Anonymous said...

Practicing her Michelle Jenneke impression

James Hooker, Nipple Whisperer. said...

I have examined, and, I approve - Nippleus Whisperus that I am. I like the little sweaty spot. Of course, in about 40 years, she'll be carrying them in a wheel barrow.

Anonymous said...

"Nippley out tonight, isn't it, dear?"

Anonymous said...

poor woman is looking at years of back pain

CF in CO

pdwalker said...

Holy crap. You've featured her before in that bike riding video you posted. Take a look (yeah, NSFW and even more hypnotizing)

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