Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another Lefty Sec/State dissed abroad

“One of the proudest things of my three years in office is helping to restore a sense of respect for America around the world, a belief that we are not just defined by the size of our military.”Barry Soetoro    



Esteve said...

See "Kerry's gigantic blunder" on DRUDGE. Even the WaPo is dumping on him for legitimizing HAMAS and alienating our "allies" in the region.

Anonymous said...

Jen Psaki, with her idiot grins, banal defenses of the indefensible, contrived statements and stupid signs, is the biggest overpaid, useless asshole in The Regime since Jay Carney. I doubt she could sell beer in Bavaria.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Things are getting pretty bad when our country has to rely (more or less, mostly less) on the diplomatic fiascoes led by a known traitor of the U.S. (Remember his testimony before Congress in 1972?).

And it is also getting especially bad when impeachment of a rotten president (note the lower-case "p") will get him better polling numbers. Our country is so screwed up! But you already knew that, didn't you.


Helly said...

I'm shocked ... SHOCKED ... to see these criticisms of our valiant Secretary of State. At this very moment, Democrats proclaim Kerry's enormous achievements qualify him as the 2016 front runner.

Juice said...

When ever it's about Dems the headlines read "US Wants" or "Americans Want" or "The American People...". If it's about -anything- else the headline tags the group: "Republicans Want" or "Right Wing Extremists" or "Tea Party", "Tea Baggers", "Extreme Christians", etc. So predicable. So openly biased. So easily accepted by the low informed, non thinking.

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