Sunday, July 20, 2014

Condel in a right moment


Pat Condel is a piece of work.  When we were students at Eton I would regularly thrash him for being a general arsehole, just to keep in shape.  Still, even a "broken-clock," wot?  As General Petty Officer 5th Class Skyhawker Doug is wont to say,"He's [at times] serious when he is funny and he is funny when he is serious. This is one of those times.  BTW, this rant is four years old, but it's testament to how hidebound and predictable Islamos are that it is still fresh as daisy. 


drew4558 said...

Thrash him, really? Behind his back, I'm sure. Far behind. Aside from the guy's views on religion, which is his right, he seems to me to be spot on about damn near everything, always. Certainly 20 times as often as that blithering wanker Bill O'Reilly.

Anonymous said...

Likewise here, Pat has some nasty ideas on religion however, his take on Islam is right on.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

pretty much what I said, right?

Anonymous said...



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