Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Slob Slab

nom nom nom

So, Obama ordered "a half-slab of ribs" at Kansas City's legendary [the sign there actually says "Legiondary"] Arthur Bryant's. 

What I want to know is, did he get the long end or the short end?

Because anyone who orders a half-slab and doesn't specify long end or short end doesn't know d*ck about ribs. Like, say, somebody who grew up eating dog in Indonesia.

By the way, one old story from Arthur Bryant's (where the walls are covered in photos of celebrities who have dined there) is that when Count Basie ate there, he ordered the mutton ribs; and when he went to the Gents, he spat on his ribs, saying, "I don't want nobody messin' with my ribs!"

I haven't heard anything about Obama doing anything similar; but then, the Count didn't have the Secret Service to look after his ribs for him.

Cheers,  Stu Tarlowe (via skoonj)


Anonymous said...

Arthur Bryant's is not that good. Jack Stacks is much better

Anonymous said...

A. Bryants is not so much known for its ribs as for pulled and sliced BBQ. Anyone in KC knows this. You go to Zarda for ribs. There is a joke, might not be, that the job app at Bryants is a blank piece of paper. Someone will right your name on it and then you trace your open hand. When you go through Bryants, you say pork or beef, and the guy reaches his big hand into a pan of meat and grabs a hand full and drops it on your plate. You then grab a loaf of white bread and go to your table where pots of sauce are waiting. The windows are filled with 5 gallon jars of sauce fermenting in the sun. Its all about the sauce.

Looks like Barry fucked this up too. Man, its hard to fuck up at a place like Mr. Bryants. I put on 25lbs in a year working downtown KC eating here, it IS that good. -Anymouse

Darrell said...

Meh, went there once, wasn't impressed. The prominently placed photo of Slick Willy didn't exactly help my appetite, either.

BlogDog said...

"right your name" ?

Anonymous said...

I have it from a well placed source, that when Obama goes to the head he doesn't need to spit on his ribs, the SS agents do it for him.


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