Thursday, July 31, 2014


UCLA'S Basket Ball Court


Murphy(AZ) said...

Water Vollyball!

renojim said...

Hey, this is a great story.

Pauley Pavilion was just renovated to the tune of $136-million.

The pipe broke because it's almost a hundred years old, because while the LA DWP, which is nothing more than a bunch of mobsters working a scam, have shuttled billions of dollars into their pockets and the pockets of the phony politicians they own and the pockets of their union thug cronys, but they can't actually get around to doing their jobs.

and in the midst of it all, here's a dopey news reporter that fell for a prank call from "Louis Slungpue" that claimed to be a rep of the DWP. You gotta' hear the end:

Anonymous said...

I just saw Looter Mn!


Robert said...

These are the dopes that don'w want us to flush our toilets.

Anonymous said...

Turn the A/C way, way up (or down, depending on your viewpoint) and make it a hockey rink.

PS - thanks for switching to numerals on the robot separator. I had a hell of a time reading some of those letters.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Shoulda had money in maple flooring futures.

Tom Smith said...

Finally, a case of man made climate change.

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