Friday, August 08, 2014

Don't Thaw Your Meat Son

What the Deuce?


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Because I always fry my steaks in Canola oil

Anonymous said...

That's a sticking point with me. I can't imagine the funky taste being good. Maybe olive oil after the onions are sauteed.


Helly said...

SCIENCE: A fully frozen steak is super-cold.

Rodger, Rodger, Rodger. We've been down this road before. You're fraternizing with commies again. These Vermont commies learned to fry beef (and everything else) from the globally celebrated cuisine of Quebec. Yeck.

Perfectly cooked beef takes no effort at all. You put the meat in a sous vide water bath and set the temperature to 132ยบ.

Then you go to the beach for a swim and friendly conversation with the tourists. Picking out a nice one, you accompany them to their hotel for drinks and anonymous sex.

Sometime the next day, you extract the beef, or whatever, from the cooker. Lightly torch the surface, slice, and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

And how does one hack up such a contraption, Helly?

Sir H the Comet

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Helly, Helly, Helly, I made my own sous vide water bath in 1974 using the tub and an immersion heater. The wife ruined my meat by washing the dog in it. No thank you.

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