Thursday, August 07, 2014


  A Bridge Too Far?


So, Jimmy Carter calls for Hamas to be recognized. Mind-boggling, until you realize that what follows is a Hamas Embassy in D.C. (paid for with American aid, of course) and an American Embassy in Gaza.

Hamas can then not only hide their rockets but fire them from the buildings surrounding the American Embassy. The clowns at Obama's State Department can then complain that dust from Israel's shelling of those buildings makes it hard to keep their limousines nice and shiny.

Of course, Hamas would then become part of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. The good folks in the Commission could then say "I feel your pain" to Hamas in person. Hamas officials could park anywhere in NYC at no charge. I'm sure the Commission would do its best to make them feel at home.

This sure sounds like a plan Pelosi can embrace... being "fair" to Hamas (with Qatar as her biggest cheerleader) at the expense of Israel.

Why is Jimmy Carter doing this? Is he that afraid that Barack Obama will take his place as America's worst president? I guess now we can have Obama as America's weakest president and Carter as America's craziest president.

Cheers, (via Skoonj)

That missive reminds me of yesterday's "Stars Face Hollywood Backlash in War of Words Over Israel.
“But for the most part, Hollywood's power brokers -- including those who have raised money for pro-Israel causes, such as Barbra Streisand, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg -- have avoided public comments on the conflict. Nor has there been criticism of other industry figures, including Jon Stewart, director Jonathan Demme and Mark Ruffalo, who have voiced nuanced concerns about Israel's military action in Gaza while supporting the nation in general. "I don't know why more prominent Hollywood people don't speak out about what's going on there," Stern said on his radio show July 28. "They're all afraid." Hollywood political donor Haim Saban, one of the industry's biggest Israel supporters, echoed those sentiments. "I don't understand this myself," Saban told the Jewish Journal on Aug. 1. "But starting today, I will be working the phones to enlist the vocal support of people who I know have an interest in supporting our staunchest ally in the region -- which also happens to be the only democracy in the region."
These gaggle of monied and influential Jews are largely responsible for bankrolling the Carter, Clinton, and Obama presidencies (and today's Democrat party!).  Presidents and a party who were and are openly (if you have eyes) hostile to Israel.  Carter and Obama are outright Jew haters; Bill and Hillary* more nuanced, but still have always sided away from Israeli goals.  In the meanwhile, Ronald Reagan and Bush 43 were the best friend Israel have had, but were vilified by this lot. 

And for chrissake, who stands to lose the most with the ascendancy of Islamic influence worldwide?  That's right; Jews and Gays.  Both so blinded by a misguided sense of liberalism, or a giddy celebration of acceptance that the left are able to play them like a banjo, same as  they do all  on the Liberal plantation.  The thing is, we all suffer as a consequence of this foolishness.  The question, I fear,  is Obama  already a bridge too far.
*Dick Morris claimed that Hillary called him a "f---ing Jew b------" after Bill Clinton lost his race for Congress 26 years ago.  Morris  passed a lie-detector test arranged by the New York Post.


Esteve said...

Billy would be so ashamed of Jimmy.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Someone needs to tell that useless anachronism of political waste product to SIT THE HELL DOWN, AND SHUT THE F*CK UP!

Jimmy Carter, you have become more of a laughingstock than your useless brother Billy! At least he came up with a putrid beer to hang HIS name on! What have YOU accomplished, aside from Miss Lillian wishing she hadn't passed on the chance to DROWN you when you were born?

GO AWAY, JIMMY! NOBODY wants to hear from you! NOBODY cares what you think! Find yourself a fetid swamp to throw your useless carcass into, and kindly allow the world to forget that you once shared free air with the rest of us!

Your lot in History will be to forever become the second-worst President EVER!

For as bad as YOU screwed up, O'Bummer has f*cked things up EVEN WORSE!


bocopro said...

JIMMAH CAHTUH: A Study in Spineless Indecision and Ignorance in Positions of Prominence.

Because of gross oversight and clerical error, he was admitted to the US Naval Academy despite its policy against enrolling feeble-minded jerkoffs. Through continuing administrative malfeasance, he took a BS degree and commenced his personal crusade to transform the United States into a weak, socialist, third-rate paper tiger.

He followed up his BS degree with work in nuclear physics and engineering, which prepared him marvelously for dealing with lying, posturing, double-dealing, US-hating, Middle Eastern terrorists. His first book, Why Not The Best? looks into the reasons he failed so miserably and consistently as president. He pushed legislation which would protect various animals already doomed by nature and cause thousands of people their jobs. He promoted quotas for minorities in governmental jobs and college admissions, and sacrificed American prestige and hostages for a shot at the Nobel Peace Prize. He was key in abandoning the country’s claim on the Panama Canal, and spent most of his energies meddling in the internal affairs of other nations by criticizing their human rights policies. A poor farm boy from rural Georgia, he rose to the pinnacle of Worst President in the 20th century, all by himself, and is damned proud of it.

Had he not been born in a rural area of America, he would have been a perennial favorite for Monty Python’s “Upper-Class Twit of the Year” award. His mother apparently was not present at his birth, and he has gone through his adult life as an antique, expired consciousness completely unworthy of resuscitation. My secret suspicion is that he is some sort of Neanderthal cross with a jackass.

Jimmy Carter actually believes that Bill Clinton was a great president who never should have been impeached. In fact, Carter remains convinced that Clinton never lied, since his understanding of oral sex is just talking dirty. It’s entirely possible that the bones in his head never stopped calcifying when the rest of his body reached adulthood.

This animated wad of intellectually anemic protoplasm has a credibility rating on a par with professional wrestling. He makes Dan Quayle sound like a modern Plato. He’s the quintessential walking advertisement for birth control. In fact, I’m just wasting my time here, ‘cause his mother summed it all up very nicely:

“Sometimes when I look at all my children, I say to myself, ‘Lillian, you should have stayed a virgin.’"
Lillian Carter

Murphy(AZ) said...


All I can ad is "Bravo!"

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