Friday, August 29, 2014

... just too damned much of it.

Walkin' along, pulling one's pud ...

The most common criticism I get about what I write and send out is that it's generally pretty good stuff but there's just too damned much of it and it takes too much time to read.  So, today, as has been of late my wont, I disdained TV news and went to CNN and FoxNews sites to read about the happenings.  Here are some major stories and my reactions to them:
  • Britain PM Cameron says ISIS is fucking nuts and Britain should be scared shitless of 'em -- About time!
  • Two more Americans killed fighting with ISIS -- Good!
  • Russian soldiers infiltrating Ukraine --  Yawn!                                                       
  • Nidal (Ft. Hood shooter) wants to become citizen of ISIS Caliphate --Fine!
  • Nidal still sucking air -- Why?
  • Marine still prisoner in Mayheeko for no good reason --HFC!
  • PotUS has no strategy for handling potential enemies and threats to America -What's new?
  • Soetoro ANNOUNCES to enemies that he has no strategy for dealing with them --Fucking rookie!
  • Brangelina married -- WGAFF!
  • FBI National Domestic Threat Assessment omits Islamist terror threat -YGBSM!
  • Mitch McConnell is a fucking jerk -- Surprise, surprise, surprise!
  • Romney prepares for 3rd run at presidency -GOP takes aim at foot
  • White House staff in damage-control mode after Obama strategy remark -- And this is news . . . how?
  • More volcanoes spewing ash and smoke into atmosphere in New Guinea -- It's Bush's fault
  • Joan Rivers in hospital in critical condition after surgery snafu --My givadam's busted
There.  Those brief enuf for ya?      



Helly said...

there's just too damned much of it and it takes too much time to read.

Nonsense. I can't recall a prolix post ever. Still too many negative references to female anatomy though.

On the topic of brevity, this may amuse you.

drew458 said...

Agree with 'em all, 100%. This was a test, right?

Esteve said...

Complainers gotta complain. There are plenty of other sites for them.

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