Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Michael E Mann comes clean ...

            Global Warming Fade-Out


Michael E Mann; Climate Twat
“an opportunity to denounce capitalist greed.”
"an opportunity to denounce capitalist greed.””

“Instead of discrediting Erlich, his work, somehow, gave birth to what Mann calls “environmental politics.” Continuing, Mann asserts that Earth Day “became an opportunity to denounce capitalist greed.””
Climate change a symbolic battle against an unpleasant, toxic way of life

Mann is obviously a believer in anthropogenic (or man-made) climate change. Much of his essay is spent deriding the left for its unrestrained rhetoric that it uses to “scare Americans into action.”  He says: “the chatter itself, I would argue, has done its share to stall progress.”

Within his argument is some history and context that is illustrative for those who see climate change as cyclical — something natural that has happened before and will happen again, rather than something that is new, scary, and human-caused. Those of us who believe the climate changes, but that human activity is, certainly, not the primary driver, struggle to understand the cult-like following of alarmists like Bill McKibben, founder of (“A group that seeks to create a mass movement against climate change”) — who Mann spends several paragraphs criticizing.

While I doubt that this is Mann’s intent, a careful reader will realize that today’s climate hysteria has less to do with the climate and more to do with control and economic change.

(Hockey Stick) Mann starts his history lesson with Paul Erlich, author of The Population Bomb — whom I wrote about in June. Mann calls Erlich’s book “a foundational text in the environmental movement” — yet, he points out that Erlich’s “predictions didn’t pan out.” Instead of discrediting Erlich, his work, somehow, gave birth to what Mann calls “environmental politics.” Continuing, Mann asserts that Earth Day “became an opportunity to denounce capitalist greed.”

Using acid rain as an example, Mann points out: “environmentalists meanwhile found out the problems were less dire than they had claimed” and that “Today, most scientists have concluded that the effects of acid rain were overstated to begin with.”

Because I follow the politics of energy policy, I found this point Mann makes most interesting: “Environmental issues became ways for politicians to signal their clan identity to supporters.” He observes: “As symbols, the ideas couldn’t be compromised.” And, he states: “climate change is perfect for symbolic battle.” He calls carbon dioxide “a side effect of modernity.”

Addressing the charts and graphs that so frequently accompany the climate change hyperbole, Mann says: “In the history of our species, has any human heart ever been profoundly stirred by a graph? Some other approach, proselytizers have recognized, is needed.”

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Jess said...

I think the appropriate response is: "Blow it our your ass, climate twats; and may the lightning that strikes you hit you between the legs."

Anonymous said...

Folks used to be a bit more skeptical of those that claimed they could change the weather.

Anonymous said...

Look up at the chemtrails any given day...they are changing the weather and making us sick, in plain sight. Geoengineering. JoeDaddy

Anonymous said...

They tell me foil hats help with that........

Cheezy said...

"We have no problem with death and destruction when it furthers our misguided cause."

Anonymous said...

Plastic bag breathing filters put a permanent end to it...

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