Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nazis'& Commies at war

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cuchieddie said...

I am not a practicing Jew but ruight now some lox and bagels would be nice. Wanna join me Ron?

Anonymous said...

The Last Great Act of Defiance!


Wabano said...

Vladimir Draco, better known as Dracula took 20,000 Turks in ambush
and impaled them all on fenceposts forward of the road of an advancing Turkish invasion.
That did it...the horrified Turks turned tail and went back home.
(They were used to do this to testified Draco, as he spent his youth as hostage
in Istanbul.)

Anonymous said...

Dang. thought that was Flat Fatima for a minute....

bocopro said...

Never cared for lox. In fact, I actively DISlike many forms of seafood, especially those which wear their skeletons externally.

Spiced Portuguese sardines (Nuri brand), however, go well with a toasted onion bagel. Problem is that I can't find the damned things here in P'cola. Hafta have a Pi'pino store order 'em special for me.

Now, a cinnamon/raisin bagel with a thin spread of honey mustard and a coupla slices of deli ham . . . and a banana pepper onna side . . . now THAT's a good lunch experience, 'specially with some nice chilled sweet tea.

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