Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oh my, I've read this book



“Their next point will be that voter fraud is such a small percentage that such voter fraud should be ignored. What percentage of the overall vote is tolerable for progressives?”  George asked. [Reagan George, president of the nonpartisan VVA]

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Anonymous said...

We know that, and we also know that the billionaire greenie wacko from Texas, Tom Steyer, financed pseudo Libertarian Robert C(ocksucker)Sarvis' campaign, who sucked off enough votes to make a McAwful win.
I never heard anything about Cucinelli going to court, he has since moved on to lead the Senate Conservatives Fund organization, and we are stuck with McAwful, chief cheater, liar and fundraiser during the Clinton Terror.
And it will continue. That little prick Sarvis is running again this fall for Virginia Senator Kommie Kaine's senate seat, which will suck off some votes from the Repub Gillespie, who is a semi RINO, but far preferable to Kaine.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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