Monday, August 11, 2014

Rocky The Flying Squirrel

Grand Canyon National Park officials are investigating a YouTube video posted over the weekend that appears to show a man luring a squirrel to the edge of a cliff and kicking it into the canyon below.

The video -- which was quickly taken down and then republished by other users -- shows two French-speaking men wearing boxer shorts and cowboy hats, laughing as they lead the animal to the edge of the canyon. One of the men puts on a shoe and kicks the animal, launching it off the cliff.

An EXTREMELY GRAPHIC  iteration of the video is above.

Officials confirmed with AZCentral that they're investigating the incident. It's not yet clear who the men are, whether they'll face charges, or even if the video is real. The only thing park officials know for certain is where the video was shot.

"The rangers do believe it is at Grand Canyon in the national park," Grand Canyon National Park spokeswoman Kirby-Lynn Shedlowski told the news site. "It is under investigation. We are working with YouTube to see if we can get any additional information."

Samurai AG TFV (Ret) sent this story, with a "I didn't know you'd been to the Grand Canyon" tag.  Click-Click.  Perhaps my previous post about ISIS beheading little girls in Iraq will put this in proper perspective. The hyperbole here is suffocating. I mean, we have tens of thousands of disease ridden illegals streaming across our border,  and Park Rangers are actually investigating this as a crime?  JFC!


iri said...

I'm guessing the squirrel's name wasn't Rocky.

Tom Smith said...

Nice one.

Thinking of the Seinfeld episode....."you can take him home now"

Saw the video post a week ago but didnt watch it. People being mean and all the bad news tends to make me think people are generally not so nice.

testernw said...

Not to mention the tens of thousands of abortions (partial birth and otherwise) that take place each year.

David said...

Are they going to arrest them for wasting food?

emdfl said...

Well, two Frenchies aren't likely to shoot those rangers if they try to arrest them... unlike many of the illegals.

Anonymous said...

More likely Canadians from QUEBEC (worse than Parisians).

Anonymous said...

"As God is my witness, I thought squirrels could fly."

Sir H the Comet

pdwalker said...

Sir H,

They can, just not for very long.

Anonymous said...

It's not flying. It's falling with style.


Anonymous said...

Cultural reference to the turkey drop incident at WKRP in Cincinatti, PD.

Sir H

toadold said...

"As God is my witness, I thought he could fly." Drunk Secret Service Agent.

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