Sunday, August 03, 2014

So a guy goes to the doctor

You Look Mahvelous

Retired guy has a physical and the doctor asks how his wife Doris is doing.

"She's fine, except for her hearing.  Can you give her a referral to have her ears tested"?

"Well, sure.  But. let's try this first, to get a handle on just how bad her hearing is.  Go three rooms away from her and ask her something.  If she doesn't answer,  go two rooms away, and try again."

So the guy goes home and moves to a room three removed from the wife and  asks her a question in a normal tone.

No response.

He moves a room closer and asks the question.

No response.

Finally, he walks into her room and asks the question once again.

"For chrissake Harry; I've answered that twice already!  How many times does it take?


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Esteve said...

Would you repeat that. please?

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