Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Clean that pot, Cheap!

STUFF I INVENTED                 
so you don't have to                 

At the risk of outraging the baristas out there; I do not clean my coffee pot after every use.  In fact, since Feb 9, 2013; never.  The opening is so small that I can't get my hand in there, so, alas; my Walmart coffee quality suffers more with each pot brewed.  I looked on-line for pot cleaners, and what the hell; $36??

Last night it came to me.  Efferdent denture cleaner.  What you see here is the result after three applications and believe me, that sumbitch was BLACK!. 

You're welcome.

Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker Cleaner for All Automatic Drip Coffeemakers, 2-Ounce Box (Pack of 9) by Mr. Coffee


Anonymous said...

after you clean your pot, what do you do with the stems and seeds ?

CF in CO

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll try that in my coffee thermos.

Esteve said...

You are a patient man to still use a percolator. Last Christmas I bought a Keurig and haven't looked back.

Anonymous said...

Esteve, we have had 2 Keurigs - one a replacement and that crapped out too. Not very reliable - will never buy another. My Bunn does a great job and works and works.


Anonymous said...

My first squadron around 1975. They told me to clean the coffee mess. We had two of those huge silver 36 cup percolators. I scrubbed them with scouring powder til they shined like a new penny. I pissed off more chiefs in one fell swoop than any other time in my 20 year career. It seemed to effect the flavor.

Esteve said...

Tim, I made a 36 cupper on the USS Constellation for a safety stand down. Air Boss had the first cup and spit coffee everywhere. I had filled the pot from a mislabeled saltwater valve.

Esteve said...

Hope I have better luck with the Keurig. So far we really enjoy the convenience and it makes good coffee.

bocopro said...

For the OPEs (Old Pacific Explorers) I ran into back in the very early 60s, coffee was a sacrament.

A CPO's mug had to be white on the outside with an emblem containing his ship or unit and at least one anchor. His name (or initials) had to be on it, either opposite the emblem or on the bottom, scored into the clay before firing or in heavy black paint.

Otherwise, the outside was clean . . . spotless, in fact. The area of the rim where his lips touched it to sip or drink was a dark stain, like mahogany. Inside, the walls boasted a patina hauntingly reminiscent of a well-worn saddle. At the bottom had to be an unremovable finish like dark walnut covered with a generous coat of heat-treated polyurethane.

The coffee on the Signal Bridge between the hours of 2200 and 0500 had to be pulled from the spigot, coiled up in the bottom of the mug like a length of heaving line, snipped off with electricians' pliers, and then eaten with a fork.

BlogDog said...

I have a Moccamaster with a stainless steel carafe and if I don't feel like using a bottle brush on it, I put baking soda and water in to a thin paste consistency, slosh it around, leave it for an hour or so and then rinse it out. Works nicely.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:25, I use baking soda in my thermos and it works great !!!
Put about 3 tbs in and fill with hot water. Let it sit over night and you'll be amazed at the shite that comes out. I do mine once a year.


cheap deals said...


that's two $18 crap makers. 6 months and throw it away and buy another. the squirrls can clean the carcass out and raise a litter.

OldFert said...

Try a little splash of bleach. I was amazed when I tried that on an old thermos after I'd worked on it with baking soda and brush.

Anonymous said...

We paid about $100 for the Keurig Silver model, and we originally figured that $100 every two years for a coffee maker was a fair deal.

Our Keurig is entering its fifth year of sterling service, but it's starting to struggle a bit, so we're planning on getting a new one just as a backup.

We had a Bunn professional (two pots), but we got sick of throwing half a pot away every day.

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