Friday, September 12, 2014


And, speaking of STUPID

Actually, it's probably a deliberate "in-your face America!"


Anonymous said...

Words cannot begin to.. I'm just sitting here sputtering. What an a#$%. I defy anyone to tell me that was a mistake..

Jess said...

If Obama wagged his weenie at the media, they'd expound on the technique and stand in line to kiss the tip.

Kaptain Krude said...

Why am I not surprised that Obama celebrates 9/11 by... posting a picture of himself?

drew458 said...

Around the world, most backpack wearing "KaBOOM volunteers" only volunteer once. Once!

Because after they press the trigger ... KaBOOM goes teh backpack!!!

[ look on the bright side; it could have been worse. They could have invited Jimmie Walker ]

LindaF said...

I HATE the ostentatious marketing of 9/11 as a "Service Day".

Unless you're talking about the Armed Services, who should have a Commander-in-Chief with cojones enough to send them in to WIPE OUT the savages.

The Democrats always do this:
- November 11 becomes Veterans Day - no slur to vets, but it was meant to be a remembrance of those who died in WWI.
- Memorial Day - the Democrats HATED that Republicans celebrated that as the day they they remembered the dead of the Civil War - and, to be fair, they called it Decoration Day, and honored the sacrifice of BOTH sides. But, Democrats just HATE that the Republicans remember that they supported the South - even those Democrats in the North.

Neither day was meant for retailers to make a killing. Neither day was meant for watching football, drinking beer (unless it was with your war buddies, then it was fine), or failing to actually REMEMBER the men who suffered, served, and, too often, died to keep men free.

I spit on this President. He is a wimp, a disgrace to his position as Commander-in-Chief, and a cowardly appeaser.

NONE of my contempt is based on his color - ALL of it based on his lack of character.

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