Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Obama Viral Video

Obama Viral

This is stunningly well done ... 


Ira kroll said...

Yeah, but pictures of Romney and Ryan?? Two RINOs.

And I could have done without the ad for Limbaugh, Sean Vanity, and Squeaky Levin.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Perhaps a walk in the sunshine ...?

Anonymous said...

Wow! They had me going till the pictures of Romney and Eddie Munster appeared. Even if they are way better picks than Lenin, Marx and uhbama.

I'll take Rush & Hannity but we all could use a double dose of Mark Levin.

Did I miss it? I saw the disclaimer of who "didn't" pay for it, but who did?

Seems to me to be yet another Rove/Crossroads double speak ad that rears it's two faced head around election time. Then not so much!


Skoonj said...

This video was posted on Facebook by Mark Levin, one of the best conservative spokesmen we have. No, it isn't from Rove, since Levin wouldn't have tolerated anything from him.

bocopro said...

The major difference between hard-core Democrats and hard-core Republicans is that Dems believe that more government and taxes will make things better while most right-wing candidates have no real plan but merely oppose lefties.

LindaF said...

Eh, you don't like some of the people in this video.

Nonetheless, it is a STUNNING promotion of the Conservative Ideal.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Linda F 10!

Jess said...

The problem with the Republicans is explained by the comments. Democrats will stand behind a sheep raper that kicks puppies for fun; as long as they're a Democrat.

Republicans argue about the nuances of conservatism, and the sheep raper wins the election.


Anonymous said...

Nobody will get a argument out of me about Mark Levin. I'm a avid fan of his. That video wasn't linked back to his FB page. It was linked to a nondescript youtube page.

While I can totally agree with the values it promotes, I for one am tired of election cycle promotions of the kind. Once they get elected they immediately turn on "us conservatives" and forget what got them where they are.

D.C. is loaded with "conservatives" who love to claim a place on the Reagan mantel. Who talk out of one side of their mouths and produce something quite differently.

As long as we keep buying the BS line that they spew, we'll be forever mired with the likes of McCain, Graham, Cornyn, Mitch, Murkowski, Alexander, Boehner, Cantor. All of who have claimed the prestigious spot on that mantel I mentioned above.

The same people who give us the likes of Ford, Dole, McCain and yes Romney, who are now promoting ver 3.0. None of them "Reagan Conservatives".

The likes of Rove and Barbour talk out of one side of their mouth during election cycles and continually stab us in the back. Ask McDaniel in Mississippi. They finally found a way to energize the Black Vote, too bad it was used against us.

Anyone who wants to buy into their platitudes of conservatism all I can say is bon appetite! Ill be on the sidelines here waiting for some real substance and production.

I, for one find it strange that nobody is taking credit for that production. I only asked, why? It resembles a typical Crossroads ad IMHO.

If I had produced it I would've taken credit for it but, Romney or Eddie Munster would not have had a appearance in it.


Anonymous said...

Video has been pulled....

Copyright infringement claims.

Sheesh....you'd think they'd want as much exposure as possible.

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