Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Robert "Snoozy" Hunziker pulls the Koch pin


and other goofy bastards                         

Is America’s radical, underground climate change countermovement threatening the nation’s pivotal national interests? Is this debatable? Or, is their behavior prima facie evidence of a radical terrorist threat? -Robert "Snoozy" Hunziker

A progressive's case for climate change, a.k.a. bunch of made-up shit

" .... one has to wonder how the future will play out, assuming America’s radical, underground climate change countermovement prevails, especially considering how they bully Congress, blocking any semblance of a national renewable energy policy.  After all, in their eyes: The “visual pollution” of wind turbines and solar panels lowers property values!

But, this story is much deeper than the selfish interests and infamy of the Kochs and much deeper than what appears on surface. For example, the climate deniers are so paranoid that they go so far as to intimidate scientific journals that publish relatively innocuous articles vis a vis their countermovement, and on occasion, successfully, by way of threatening legal action, they cause retractions of peer-review scientific papers that they find offensive. This is symptomatic of a paranoia-plus personality type, very similar to the mentality of terrorists cell members found throughout Al-Qaeda’s network.
It’s not new news that a well-funded effort to destroy the sanctity of scientific evidence of climate change has persisted in America for many, many years. It is out in the open and written about in countless articles, the Koch brothers and too many others to name, highjack the news and plant stories wherever and whenever possible, all funded by deep pocket billionaires. It’s a blatant right-wing sell-out of everything democracy ever stood for. And, it’s remarkable that everybody knows all about it! It’s absolutely remarkable, but caution is in order because it’s the unknowns behind their intentions that’s most threatening.
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I've been 30+ years following climate alarmists.  It's T.O.E. may generally be described as  (1)Communists, (2) True Believers, and (3) Lo Info's who tend to be students, or college dropouts.  Since Hunziker (MA, economic history, DePaul University) is a noted fellow of the Progressive (Communist) coalition, I'd say he's one of the mule drivers. 

What I find interesting here, is the introduction of the Koch Brothers as the new (to me anyway) bogey-men responsible for ... what?  All the (too many to count) exposes that haunt these so called "Climate Sciencers?"  I'm guessing they're trying to transfer results from their long-running Koch smear campaign to help the ailing climate science grab.

If Hunziker wants honest debate,  start here.  If you can win a debate there, you'll have my attention.  As it is, I can find no reference of his ever challenging the Watt's guys.


Anonymous said...

I sent a note to Mr Hunzicker:
If you are correct about climate change being man-caused, then you imply we teeny humans living on this huge orb can influence our climate.
Therefore, what should the annual low, high, and mean temperatures be where you live? Two degrees higher or two degrees lower than last year? How about the past 50 years, or 1000 years?

How about the same temperature points in Saskatchewan? They might appreciate a little warming and a correspondingly longer growing season, or perhaps resort owners in the Catskills and Appalachians might like it a little cooler so they can keep tourists coming for skiing a little longer.

We haven't talked about the earth's gigantic molten core or the multimillion degree gas ball a few miles away. You flatter yourself Sir, to think you and I can overwhelm those powers.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

I think there will be many more ghost cities between Detroit and 2050-Anymouse

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