Sunday, September 21, 2014

Terps Avenge Ohio State ACC Loss

Res Ipsa Loquitur        

The Maryland Terrapins Are Happy to Avenge  Ohio State's Shocking Loss to the Ratbastard ACC


K-nine said...

Being an East Carolina pirate I have no love for the ACC. We were more than happy to paint both va tech and unc purple in consecutive weeks.

Anonymous said...

Actually Nebraska took care of our honor by stomping on those shitstains from Miami, even if they did bring their own zebras.


Anonymous said...

Maryland beat a nobody. They wilt when they play a top 25 team.

Always have and always will.

Glad they're out of the ACC.

Esteve said...

Hope "the Ohio State University" enjoys seeing Urban Meyer leave as much as we did here in Florida. About time for him to start having health issues.

Pawpaw said...

Y'all beat Syracuse? I didn't even know that they had a football team. Of course, neither team is in the SEC, so it's not really college football.

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