Wednesday, October 22, 2014


  Panic in Weasel Park
Soros's returns

WARNING! If Republicans win on November 4th, they will use a tricky, little known  maneuver called "51% majority vote" to ram through their right wing policy!

ASIDE, but germane

I used to make and publish (using embed codes that no longer work) my own videos because You Tube was pretty restrictive back then.  Anyway, while perusing those old files I came across this clip of David Horowitz on Fox and Frieneds (with E.D. Hill!).  It still carries water.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Most LIVs think 51% is weak booze.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

drew458 said...

I loved E.D. Hill on Fox, and I think she got railroaded for that "terrorist dap" nonsense. After all, she was just reading the teleprompter, same as our Glorious pResident. And history will prove her right anyway.

Jon said...

Yeah, right. We only wish. Considering republicans controlled all three branches under Bush and still didn't get a damn thing done we'll not be holding our breath.

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