Saturday, October 11, 2014


When Progressives are in charge                            


"We are extremely heartened by the court's decision, which affirms our position that the Texas voter identification law unfairly and unnecessarily restricts access to the franchise," U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement. "We are also pleased that the Supreme Court has refused to allow Wisconsin to implement its own restrictive voter identification law."
AUSTIN, Texas –  A federal judge likened Texas' strict voter ID requirement to a poll tax deliberately meant to suppress minority voter turnout and struck it down less than a month before Election Day — and mere hours after the U.S. Supreme Court blocked a similar measure in Wisconsin.

The twin rulings released Thursday evening represent major and somewhat surprising blows to largely Republican-backed voter identification rules sweeping the nation that have generally been upheld in previous rulings.

Approved in 2011, Texas' law is considered among the nation's harshest and had even been derided in court by the Justice Department as blatant discrimination. Wisconsin's law was passed the same year and has remained a similar political flashpoint. 

Okay, your toughest 100 guys and ours.  The Desert.  No holds barred.  Last man walking.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in order to have a job people need more ID than these laws required.

Murphy(AZ) said...

So what's the problem? You only need a photo i.d. to vote in PERSON... absentee voters just go in line, fill in the blanks, and the ballots are mailed out every election without fail. File under multiple manes, receive multiple ballots!

The f*ckin' DEMS have known this for decades and use it EVERY election, even for County Dog Catcher!

Anonymous said...

Try to buy a gun and see how much crap the .gov piles on.

MAX Redline said...

Choose your spot in the desert. Give me a time. I'll back you.

Jess said...

I say even the field. One hundred of their's against 50 of ours. They won't have a chance and victory will be sweet.

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