Thursday, October 02, 2014

Cop killer chosen as college commencement ...

   HELTER SKELTER  Provoking Racial Unrest                                                               

 Cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal chosen as college commencement speaker

On Oct 1, 2014, at 9:09 PM, Barry Farber wrote:

Holy Cow, Barry! Did you watch the video that accompanies this article? It's better than ipecac!

In the event that you need to induce reverse peristalsis, and you don't have an emetic handy, just watch the video.

The "Associate Dir. of Alumni Affairs" for Goddard College (a white guy with dreadlocks) will really turn your stomach, but the others are equally disgusting. The woman, Johanna Fernandez (a history professor!!) is in thrall to "Mumia", and says (among her other outrageous statements):

"The police have demonized Mumia over and over, but his voice is filled with love...rational, powerful, and dangerous to the status quo."  [full]

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Anonymous said...

The first rule of Kill Liberals Club: you don't talk about Kill Liberals Club.


Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side. There will finally be someone in Vermont that is not an arrogant white closeted communist.-Anymouse

Anonymous said...

"The first rule of Kill Liberals Club: you don't talk about Kill Liberals Club."

What club?

DonM said...

It's going to be a coming out party. Give the asshole a forum to create the impression that he is a fine upstanding citizen and pave the way for Obama to pardon the SOB in two years.

Helly said...

Goddard! Oh I could tell you stories.

The last one comes from Florida. One of the wackadoodle neighbors introduced herself on the beach this past winter. She looked like an elderly hippie with the streaked hair, but seemed harmless. I mentioned growing up in VT and she responded, telling me she had gone to college in VT.

The Devil took hold of me. I said, "I know. You went to Goddard."

To this day she thinks (knows) I'm psychic.

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