Tuesday, October 28, 2014



Walmart sparked outrage on social media Monday after they featured plus-size Halloween costumes on their website under the "fat girl costumes" category.

This is apparently what people were looking at this morning when they typed "fat" into the store's search engine ...

Here's the story,  but watching the Channel 5 news-readerette with twisted panties above says everything about what decent people have to deal with these days from  sanctimonious politically correct cows like her.  Sheesh.  The next post down (the Islamo "joke")  is another example.    *click-click*


Anonymous said...

It's all about self esteem.

Anonymous said...

So it's okay to use the term "plus size" but the word "fat" is verbotten??

Ralph Gizzip said...

Have you been to Walmart lately? What we'd consider "fat girls" Walmart considers "Juniors". A Walmart "fat girl" could probably start on the Redskins' O-line.

DougM said...

Robot Chicken already covered this.

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