Wednesday, October 08, 2014

How Bad Is It?

Hawaii officials drop plans to name park for Obama

HONOLULU (AP) - Two Honolulu city councilmen have dropped plans to rename a popular beach for President Barack Obama.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports Councilman Stanley Chang and Council Chairman Ernie Martin decided to withdraw the proposal after hearing from the public. (AP)

Chicago Mayor: New high school won't be named after President Obama

... after after hearing from the public.

Will a future Democrat Party use the Carter model to rehabilitate Obama's sorry record?  Will he start weaving thatch huts in Nairobi?  Or, will they follow the Clinton scriptuse the Obamas to fund raise the hell out of black churches; the upper west side of NY, and Hollywood?  And teach the chilluns that the Obama economy was better than the one that crashed right after he took office?


Anonymous said...

You think that Obama would ever be caught 1) in some 3rd world dump or 2) helping anyone other than himself?

No it'll be fundraisers and golf as far as the eye can see.

Anonymous said...

You know it's gotten bad when the loons in these two locations can't even push his line of shit.

So much for immortality, I guess. Remove to the jimma karta ash pile.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine WHY they would do such a thing!

After all, EVERYONE KNOWS that from every little town to every great metropolis in Germany has an ADOLF BEACH....

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