Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Killing Islamo fascists,


This Breitbart London article came out earlier today.  Just now I heard Mark Levin discussing it on his show.  He was, of course, delighted to hear about this group.  He not only praised the group for killing ISIS terrorists, he suggested they kill their families too!  This is something I've advocated as a measure against terrorists for years.  Mark said the left usually says such tactics as these guys are using, fighting terror with terror, is beneath us.  As Mark said, no it isn't!  What's wrong with winning?
What I had said was that we should use our special ops people to do night attacks on groups of ISIS.  Kill who you can, capture who you can, and behead ALL of them.  Put their heads on pikes and line the road with them.  Search their pockets for ID, and when you get any from a place you can get to, like Iraq, go to their home.  Block the street, blow in the door, and kill everyone inside.  I posted that to someone's ISIS discussion on Facebook the other day, and guess what?  Though I got some likes, Facebook deleted the whole thread!  I guess Facebook didn't like it.


While I can't imagine how anyone with an ounce of sense could fault this approach, I will add that,  after they've been dispatched,  a brief prayer of forgiveness be offered for those wretched asshole's souls.  Beheading children! It's how they were raised.  I'm not kidding.

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HMS Defiant said...

We cannot kill them all and as it turns out, they're all the same so we're just wasting our time, money and effort trying to do it the old-fashioned-one-at-a-timeway. OTOH, those guys don't know that it's the 21st century and that even private scientists working in a private little lab in upstate North Dakota can whip up some pretty damned devastating gene specific diseases that are 100% fatal.

Of course, that was the basis for The White Plague by Frank Herbert so long ago.

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