Monday, October 20, 2014

New York Times; Communist Enabler


                                      Res Ipsa Loquitur


This week the New York Times ran two editorials pleading for a U.S. economic lifeline to the Castro brothers’ terror-sponsoring regime (i.e. to end the so-called embargo.) One editorial ran on Sunday the other on Tuesday. The second editorial contains the following:

In brief: so closely did the New York Times echo the sentiments of a Stalinist dictator that he gleefully ordered their article disseminated—almost word for word-- throughout his regime’s KGB-founded and mentored media. It gets better: “He (Fidel Castro) appeared to endorse the thrust of the editorial,” The second NY Times editorial boasts, “comparing it to an interview he gave in 1957 as a young rebel leader to a (New York) Times foreign correspondent at the time, Herbert Matthews…”
“Fidel Castro…has largely vanished from public view in Cuba. But the 88-year-old former president (italics mine) has not altogether abandoned the business of telling Cubans what to think.”

Is the Times --at long last!--acknowledging a totalitarian streak in the longest-reigning Stalinist dictator of modern history? Sure sounds like it. Now please pay close attention as the editorial continues:

“On Tuesday, Mr. Castro dedicated a column to an editorial published in The (New York) Times on Sunday that called on the Obama administration to restore diplomatic ties with the Cuban government and end the counterproductive (italics mine) embargo the United States has imposed on the island for decades. His take was remarkable for one main reason…quoting nearly every paragraph in the (our) editorial…Hosts of Cuban state-run radio stations (also) read Mr. Castro’s column and discussed its content…”  [Full]

Nothing new or different here, move along please.


Tom Smith said...

I saw that face on a T-shirt.

Esteve said...

The American progressive, praising communist murderers since 1917.

skh.pcola said...

Cuba gets over half of its food from the United States and has done so for decades. There is no total embargo. Of course, they have to pay cash up front and can't use credit at all, but that still isn't an embargo.

Darrell said...

I have a Che shirt. It's titled, "The Only Good Commie..." and shows Che with a bullet hole in his forehead.

Leonard Jones said...

Darrell, you beat me to it! Being a former commie,
the only good one is one who wakes up! It never
ceased to amaze me how narcissistic the radical
left is. The entire radical left is composed of a
bunch of pampered pansies who have never had to work
a day in their lives. I knew Panthers, SDS, VVAW,
and every other form of intellectual parasite known to man!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what a paradise, Cuba, eh? The newest car driven by the proletariat is a '59 Chevy.

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