Sunday, October 26, 2014



I just now, quite out of the blue, figured out from whence the phrase "it's getting nippy out" comes.  It was so obvious *smacks head.*


DJMoore said...

You need to back this claim up with some field evidence.

Jess said...

Lurking in the frozen food section again?

bocopro said...

Had an uncle in the Marines in WWII (Pacific) who kept gettin shot, so they finally sent him home.

Told me one day that if the Japanese sent paratroopers in it's called a "nip in the air."

leonardrjones said...

Back in 1973, I worked with a rather busty young waitress
named Rita. True to form, this blonde was as dumb as
a post. One day she went into the walk-in refrigerator
and I propped my foot against the door.

After shouting for a few minutes, she gave up.
The dishwasher and I went about our business.
I forget how long it took her to try the door again,
but it was a VERY long time.

As she walked through the kitchen she called me an asshole
and walked out behind the counter. a regular customer asked
her if she had been in the fridge and she looked down. Her
face turned as red as a Baboon's ass and she turned around
and looked at me through the window.

If looks could kill!

rwnutjob said...

Dang lady. You could cut glass with those things.

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