Thursday, October 30, 2014


Police State         

Is this the worst person in America?*

[...] That former employee — nicknamed by me just now as the Elder Skelter — told New Jersey’s gaming commission that “illegal activity” was going down at Pleasant View — an underground bingo game with a 10-cent per card buy-in and a three-card maximum— New Jersey’s Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission made the decision to drop the hammer.

Residents of Pleasant View Village can no longer play their beloved 10-cent games with non-residents, and they cannot play at all when the Meals on Wheels program is in the building three days a week. In fact, the Meals on Wheels program now requires a permit to allow bingo games while they are in the building. [FullStory]

Just a guess, but with the collapse of the Atlantic City gambling industry, the Garden State is fife with Games of Chance Control Commission hangers-on desperate to protect their sinecure. It's what happens when bureaucrats are threatened with shrinkage. 

*No.  That would be Barack Obama


Anonymous said...

Industries come and go; bureaucracies, like cockroaches, survive forever.

A careful search would discover the Bureau of BuggyWhip Control in a closet somewhere...


Rodger the Real King of France said...

I think that's called the Commerce Dept. these days e~C

drew458 said...

They pulled this same crap 6 years ago with all the bowling alleys. There wasn't a league in the state that didn't raise money for their prize fund by weekly playing Strikeball or 50-50. Nope. All shut down now. We were gambling they say. For a while you couldn't even play Mark Poker. All time honored games only open to folks in that league.

League membership has dropped off in alleys all across the state.

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