Wednesday, October 15, 2014

That guy who ruined Sarah Palin's VP bid ...


Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman A.J. LaFaro says U.S. Sen. John McCain and a political committee backed by moderate Republicans who support him are attempting to “ethnically cleanse” the party of conservative precinct committeemen.
LaFaro filed a complaint Sept. 19 with the Secretary of State’s Office and the Citizens Clean Elections Commission alleging a political group called the Arizona Grassroots Action PAC broke campaign finance laws by failing to register as a political committee in Arizona and disclose its spending. He said the group sent mailers and made automated phone calls to Republican voters to influence the voting in some precinct committeeman races.

“John McCain and the RINOs… think that holding our elected officials accountable warrants this kind of ethnic cleansing (of the GOP),” LaFaro told the Arizona Capitol Times.

But the Secretary of State’s Office declined to investigate the complaint, writing that there is no requirement ...  [Full]

I think the dude prolly said "Ethically Cleanse." Makes sense.

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drew458 said...

I thought the Manchurian Candidate was already pResident.

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